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Superior quality audio with FM and DAB aerials

Do you love having your FM or DAB radio on while getting ready for work or during a leisurely breakfast at the weekends; but are put off by poor reception that you get in your home? It may be that your aerial is damaged, or that the radio signal in your are is weak. For help with diagnosing the problem contact us today for assistance across Nottingham.

We have been installing aerials for radio, television and satellite for Nottingham customers for many years. You can trust us to know exactly what is required to ensure that you get the best reception at all times. To get the best out of your DAB radio you need to have a strong signal and we can help ensure that your reception is as clear as it can be for the best sound quality.

From properly aligning and installing multi-element aerials for clear radio signal transmission, to fitting DAB radio aerials, we offer an start to finish service. We can even affix aerials to existing fittings for an economical solution to your reception problems. 

Extensive digital radio aerial services in Nottingham

Customers anywhere in Nottingham can choose from the comprehensive range of FM and DAB digital radio services that we offer including:

  • High quality cabling for clear reception
  • Digital benchmark quality coaxial cables
  • Galvanised steel mast, heavy-duty brackets for wall and chimney installations
  • Aerial alignment wherever necessary
  • Booster aerials for superior audio reception

DAB radio becoming increasingly popular across the country due to the higher quality and reduction of interference. To enjoy crystal clear radio and access to an increasing range of radio stations across Nottingham call us today on 0115 815 7101.

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